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    Fewer Than 200 Remain

The Spirit Bear remains threatened on Princess Royal Island in Canada. As the trees continue to fall the bears are being forced out, which is affecting their gene pool. This is a huge tragedy because this bear is genetically unique. One out of 10 of the black bears turn white. They are not albino. The bears are being threatened by logging as well as trophy hunting.

It was announced on Earth Day that the international whaling commission put forward a deal to legalize whaling.  This would be the first time in generations that this would be allowed. 

Sign the petition to show your support for keeping the ban.
    Airgun Seismic Surveys

Beholdance Youth Coalition is stepping forward to speak up for the wildlife and the waters off North Carolina as well as the North Atlantic to keep it safe from Airgun Seismic Surveys. This causes great harm to marine life including whales, dolphins, turtles and fish.

Sign the petition to show your support for keeping the ban.
     Keep the ban on whaling!

It was announced on Earth Day that the international whaling commission put forward a deal to legalize whaling.  This would be the first time in generations that this would be allowed. 

Help us protect the worlds largest mammals! 

Sign the petition to show your support for keeping the ban.
    Beholdance Joins Earth Hour

Make sure you get left in the dark!!!

Join us for Earth Hour. One Simple Act. One Huge Message

On March 27th at 8:30pm millions of people, 1000s of cities, globally famous monuments...  allwill switch off their lights for just 1 hour in a symbolic show of support for our one and only planet.  Lets show a clear message to leaders that we want to protect the planet.

You can do it - Spread the word and remember to switch off.

Kid's Speak Up About Earth Hour

'Join Beholdance's Earth Hour'

Status: Action Needed Now!
  Spirit Bear In Danger From Trophy Hunting

Just when we thought the Spirit Bear was well protected we've learned that there is a caveat to this story.  The law currently only protects the white Spirit Bears from hunting.  It is not illegal to hunt the black Kermode Bear which is the same family and the one that produces the unique white gene nine out of ten times.  This also does not  protect other bear species.  Additionally, the law's caveat also applies to protected areas for the bears.

Pacific Wild, Humane Society of British Columbia and the First Nation communities are calling for an end to sport hunting for all bears in the area known as the Great Bear Rainforest. 

The SBYC (Spirit Bear Youth Coalition) is asking for you to share your voice in the upcoming British Columbia elections on May 12th by visiting the link below and adding your voice and your feelings about this news.  Beholdance is joining the SBYC in its mission to protect the Spirit Bear and we hope you will join us by adding your voice. 

Please go to the Pacific Wild website and joining their 'No Trophy Hunting Campaign'.   Send an email to Gordon Campbell and Barry Penner by clicking that link and let them know you do not want Trophy Hunting for the planet's bears especially the Spirit Bear.  No trophy is worth extinction of a species.  Remind them Extinction is Forever.

Gearing Up For Earth Day Celebrations

Earth Day was founded in 1969 by a peace activist named John McConnell.  Since the United Nations adopted Earth Day, countries everywhere celebrate the day with outside activities that are designed to engage youth and adults to get out and get involved in conservation and earth environmental projects.  We hope to encourage youth and others to get involved with outside activities and to help conserve and protect our planet.

Beholdance is proud to be participating in various Earth Day Celebrations and we hope if you're local you'll come out and visit us at one of the locations below and if you're not, that you will volunteer or get outside and enjoy the day and send us pictures and tell us about your Earth Day.

  • April 18 - Concord-Cabarrus Earth Day Celebration (Frank Liske Park, Concord, NC - 11am - 1:30pm)
  • April 19 - NC Zoo Earth Day Celebration (NC Zoo, Asheboro, NC -  8:30am - 3pm)
  • April 25 - Kannapolis Earth Day Celebration (Farmers Market - Wincoff)
  • April 25 - Talent Show to Benefit Habitat for Humanity (Southwest Highschool, Asheboro, NC)
For more information about these events you can contact
    Beholdance Goes On The Air

Recently Brother Tarryl Rosier, the host of a unique and wonderful youth forum that shares news from all over the world that touches our youth contacted Beholdance for an interview.  He heard Beholdance topped 2000 hours in under two years.  Brother Tee, as he likes to be called, spent some time with Dakota Palacio the Beholdance Founder as well as Katie Waldroup and Hannah Love from the Beholdance Junior Advisory Board.  They had a wonderful time sharing with Brother Tee the mission and desires for Beholdance and hope that youth will hear about the great things going on with Beholdance and decide to get involved.

The interview will air on the Brother Tee Show on Saturday, March 28th from The Praise House and the interview will also be available from the Tee Archives.

We hope you'll listen in and enjoy.

Youth group logs 2,000 volunteer hours

By Jessica Groover | Independent Tribune
Published: March 21, 2009

A local conservation group reached one of its major goals for this year on Saturday.

Members of Beholdance, a group comprised of youth under the age of 18, completed more than 2,000 hours of service.
It took less than two years.

As 10 youth and three adults participated in the Spring Litter Sweep on Kannapolis Parkway, they were able to complete their goal by Earth Day. The hours were the total service by the group's three chapters.

"We've achieved one of our longtime goals, and I'm very proud of everybody who was able to dedicate their time to help us," said Dakota Palacio, the group's 15-year-old founder from Kannapolis.

Critical: Action Needed Now!

Threats of Oil Drilling

With oil prices going up and supply limited, we're challenged as a nation on what is best for our future.  I believe that clean energy is the only true solution.  It has been pointed out by scientist and government organizations that should drilling be allowed it would only effect the price of gas by about two cents and it would take years to get it to the market, but the oil companies would get lots of money.  The reefs in the US are extreamly challenged and listed as 'poor' by NOAA.

Critical: Action Needed Now!

The ESA is Endangered!

According to Associated Press the Bush Administration has drafted new regulations that would allow federal agencies to determine if construction projects would harm or endanger wildlife.  This is to section 7 of the landmark Endangered Species Act.  This new draft includes bypassing independent and scientific reviews.  It also bypasses Congress so there are no checks and balances for wildlife.  The environmental Defense website states, that these types of changes if allowed would create unprecedented and broad consequences for wildlife.  It states, it would imperil hundreds of endangered species nationwide.

Critical: Action Needed Now!

Tropical Forest and Coral Reefs Struggling

Tropical Forest and Coral Reefs are homes to many of our unique and important plants and animals.  A new bill is being presented soon and we urge you to write your representatives.  Please help by urging your senators to pass the 'Tropical Forest and Coral Reef Act'.  It would provide funding for the protection of the forest and reefs around the US.  Recently, the new NOAA health analysis stated that the reefs that are parallel to heavily populated areas are facing hardships from human impact.  This includes costal development, sedimentation and other issues.  NOAA ranks the US coral reefs as "POOR" and "FAIR".

Critical: Action Needed Now!


Polar Bears Finally Listed - However, Remain Threatened

The US Department of Fish and Wildlife has listed the polar bear as a threatened species on the ESA (Endangered Species Act).  Even though this wonderful creature has been placed under this act which gives it important new protection, there are still people that are determined to drill for oil in the Arctic.  This is one of our last pristine habitats for many animals that are already endangered because of habitat loss due to global warming.  If the government does make decision to drill this could be the last of our polar bears.  Remember experts estimate that two-thirds of the bear's habitat.  With the climate change and the act of drilling for oil both are just too much for these animals to survive.

Critical: Action Needed Now!

Tiger Trade Challenges Remaining Wild Tigers
The Bengal Tiger that calls China and parts of Asia home is being threatened. Even though action is taking place with conservation and protection agencies, the tiger is still threatened by the black market, know as ‘The Tiger Trade.”

The Tiger population has declined 30%.  A recent survey on April 2008 showed a population decrease between 6 - 14 tigers, down from 20-50 tigers in 2005.  Poaching has been found as the major cause of their disappearance.  They are being poached for illegal wildlife trade.  Unlike other animals that are hunted for certain parts, tigers are hunted for everything.  If poaching doesn't stop, at this rate all tigers will be extinct.


Status: Decision Pending


Red Wolf - The Last Generation

The red wolf is one of two wolf species in North America.  They are disappearing fast.  Red Wolf populations started decreasing in the 1960s due to the intensive predator control programs and their habitat disappearing.  They were finally declared an endangered species roughly ten years later.  Only Seventeen remaining wolves were captured and only fourteen of those individuals turned out to be real red wolves and were entered into the breeding program.  US Fish and Wildlife Service declared then extinct in the wild in 1980.  New breeding programs are helping their numbers increase.  

At the wolves five year review, they stated the Red Wolf will remain on the ESA as endangered.  The remaining population are being monitored...


Status: Beholdance Watch


Gray Wolves Challenged

The Gray Wolves in the Northern Rockies have been delisted.  This means they will be managed by local state management groups.  Also, the gray wolves in Alaska are struggling due to helicopter gunning and puppies are being gased to death.  Over 80 have been shot as a result of the new management practices in Alaska.  Please join the other Beholdance youth in brining awareness to the plight of the Gray Wolves. 

We ultimately wish to see these animals safe and well managed in a humane way.  We need to remind leaders that we do not want the heart break that challenged our Red Wolves and that better practices need to be put in place for the future of wolves on our planet.


Status: Beholdance Watch

Hopeful Decision For Beluga Whales In Cook Inlet

The NOAA Fisheries Service has announced that the Beluga Whales in Cook Inlet are not recovering as expected given the current numbers.  Therefore, after years of study and months of public comment, they have listed the Beluga Whales in Cook Inlet as endangered on the ESA.  This will give these last members a chance at survival. 

Congratulations to those of you that assisted with letters during the comment period.  You helped make this possible!  Please, help us keep an eye on the status of the Beluga's in Cook Inlet. 


Status: Beholdance Watch

Bald Eagle De-Listed
The United States government is expected to take the Bald Eagle off the Endangered Species Act’s Threatened list this month. The birds will remain protected under the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act; however, concerns now move to habitat and ecosystem loss. This means their environment is no longer protected and their river, lake and stream homes would become open for development.



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